The solution is finally here! This book solves the problem of how gays can have all the legal rights and responsibilities that current-day marriage affords, and how the right-wing religious folks can protect the sanctity of their religions. No sacrificing. No compromising. Make it fair for everyone by admitting that gays ain’t got a civil right to get married and neither do straights. By removing civil rights from marriage we re-separate church and state and reallocate civil rights and religious rights. Nobody has a problem with modern-day baptisms or funerals. Baptisms and birth certificates, along with funerals and death certificates already lay out a structure of how religious ceremonies can coexist with civil rights. Read more

About Anonymous, MD

Anonymous, MD graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in philosophy and pre-med. He is a board-certified physician currently practicing medicine and has been a lecturer and author for his surgical specialty. He lives out West with his wife and slobbery dog and enjoys reading, hiking, and performing surgery. Read more

$14.95 / Perfectbound
ISBN: 9781608443321
144 pages
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